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  1. of the highest degree, power.

  2. of an extreme or excessive degree.

  3. very good; first-rate; excellent.


“You wrote that the world doesn’t need a saviour, yet every day I hear people crying out for one.”

Superman Returns 2006


The word ‘super’ on its own conjures up images of that famous comic book hero, Superman and his amazing powers.  Superman was not of this earth, but he was, as the definition states, of the highest degree or power.  He was a first-rate addition to our world.  You could say he was the best of the best.

In our world, Token’s new ‘Super Six’ products offer you the absolute best of the best from our entire range of bicycle components.

We are not saying they will give you super powers like Superman, that would be ridiculous and a terrible marketing strategy. However, you are definitely going to notice the difference at competition time when you are up against the best of the best.  They will be your saviour on race day.

All products in the Super Six range are reviewed regularly to ensure they live up to the mark of being first-rate, of being ‘super’.  There they will stay, attaining superhero status, until we find something better.

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