Monday Memories : Send Us Your Photos!


Show Us Your Token Bike

We are renaming Monday to “Monday Memories.” Remembering the good times you had at the weekend riding your bike, but now of course, it’s back to work Monday and you are feeling blue. Cheer yourself up at lunchtime with some cool photos and show everyone how cool your bike is.

We’d like to feature you and your bike showing Token products on our Facebook page and News Blog every week.

While you are out and about riding at the weekend, take a picture and upload it to our Facebook page and we will choose one photo to be our Facebook page header for the week. The rest of the photos will be posted on a separate page here on our News Blog.

This week we are featuring Tim Stanton’s new 29er Token Wheels.

Here’s What Tim Had To Say

“I bought the wheels through Evolution Cycles in the North Island of New Zealand via the internet. I looked at your website first, and had a bit of a scan of the internet for any negative warning bells. Couldn’t see anything. Your products look great on the website. And I liked that they come with everything you need to get them on a bike. So they arrived and I fitted them onto a new Carbon Cyclocross bike I had just built up.

I haven’t given them a particularly grueling test yet, but so far, a bulk of the success in these things is not knowing they are there. They just do their job without fuss.”

“Here’s a pic from the CX race- you can just make out the logo on the front wheel.”

Token 29er Wheels

For more information about the 29er wheels Tim uses please follow this link :


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