Token Releases New Bike Pure Product Range

What is Bike Pure?

Bike Pure is an independent, not for profit organisation that promotes honest, ethical cycle sport.

Bike Pure was conceived by it’s co-founders Myles McCorry and Andy Layhe out of the doping scandals that tarnished the 2008 Tour de France and has grown to become the world’s largest independent anti-doping and ethical sporting organisation of it’s kind.

More than 170 professional cyclists and teams, both professional and amateur, align with Bike Pure to show their support for honest, ethical sport, representing sincere role models for cyclists and cycling fans around the world.

The ‘pure’ blue Bike Pure wristband has become a symbol of honesty and integrity throughout the world. The bands are worn by many leading professionals including world number one Marianne Vos (Rabobank) and provide a simple visible symbol that you support honest, ethical sport.

How does Token support Bike Pure?

Token was actually the first bicycle company to team up with Bike Pure, and we helped by developing a signature ‘pure’ blue headset spacer. Riders using this spacer can show others their belief in honest and ethical cycle sport.

New Bike Pure Product Range

This year, we have gone one step further and developed a range of special Bike Pure products, all incorporating the same ‘pure’ blue. These products are very recognizable and we hope will further strengthen Bike Pure’s mission. All proceeds from the sale of Bike Pure items go back into the not for profit to help maintain it’s positive global message to cyclists everywhere, with a percentage also going to anti-doping research.

Visit Bike Pure

For more information on Bike Pure please visit


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