Louis Takes Bronze @ French Track Championship


Louis Pijourlet won the bronze medal at the French track championship (junior category, UCI Under 18) in a team pursuit.

Thierry Pijourlet described it as a very great moment and a good feeling.

Louis is only 16 years old and is already competing against many of the best teams in France!

Louis spends the majority of his time riding with Token Combo Quad Rims and Disc.

Congratulations to Louis again from all of us at Token!

Here is the email we got from Thierry:

Un article du DL sur les France piste au cours desquels Louis et ses copains ont obtenu la médaille de bronze en poursuite par équipe juniors.

Un très bon moment et une belle performance collective (coureurs, parents et encadrement).

Bine à vous

Thierry Pijourlet


What Louis Says About Token Wheels

“My English is not so good! Sorry!

I’ll try to describe my feelings on these wheels:

  • Beautiful design
  • They are light, it possible to go uphill easily. this is a big plus, you are leaving more energy for the finish on the run
  • Bush wheels have good glide, the wheel is spinning perfectly!

I recommend Token wheels! Token products know well how to ride fast!”

QT55 Quad Carbon Tubular Wheelset

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DT56 Disc Carbon Tubular Rear Wheel

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