Indoor Trainer Sweat Kit


“Don’t feel entitled to anything you didn’t sweat and struggle for.”

                                                                      – Marian Wright Edelman


When you’re training indoors and your bike is up on a rollers there’s gonna be some serious sweating going on!  That’s when you need a good sweat kit, so your bike doesn’t get all messed up.  Most sweat kits are basically like towels and not much thought goes into their design.

At Token, we looked at the problems that riders encounter, and we discovered a key problem concerning the cycle computer.  Many sweat kits either don’t cover the computer or they cover it completely so that it’s no longer visible.

We designed our sweat kit with a clear plastic window, so you can see your computer as it stays protected.  If you have a smart phone attached to your bike you can also interact with your touch screen through the plastic window.

Intuitive design and functionality from Token.  No sweat!  Well, at least not on your bike anyway.

Where Can I Get One?

If you are looking to purchase a sweat kit or find out more information then please contact your local distributor.  To locate your nearest distributor please click on the link below:



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