Monday Memories : Tomas Šuškevičius


Monday Memories. Remembering the good times you had at the weekend riding your bike, but now of course, it’s back to work Monday and you are feeling blue. Cheer yourself up at lunchtime with some cool photos and show everyone how cool your bike is.

We’d like to feature you and your bike showing Token products on our Facebook page and News Blog every week.

While you are out and about riding at the weekend, take a picture and upload it to our Facebook page and we will choose one photo to be our Facebook page header for the week. The rest of the photos will be posted on a separate page here on our News Blog.

This week we are featuring Tomas Šuškevičius from Lithuania.

Thomas sent in a photo of his bike and had this to say about Token:

“Hey Token Bikes,

I am a big Token fan from Lithuania and I exclusively like its products for its performance and quality. I like it so much since I found Token company – it is different than other brands, but it doesn’t mean it is not good enough. I already owned Token’s full bike wear and I can say this is one of most comfortable bike wears I have ever weared.

Thanks to all Token fans and kind regards!”

Thanks Tomas, you are our feature this week.  Don’t forget to send us your photos and we will feature you here on our News Blog.


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