X-Wing Saddle


“Saddle your dreams before you ride ‘em”

– Mary Webb


The X-Wing saddle is made entirely from carbon – lock, stock and barrel. Entirely carbon you say!! Yikes! That sounds a little uncomfortable sitting on something with no padding, even if it is going to be as light as a feather!

Actually, you’d be wrong. That’s where the ‘X-Wing’ comes in. Placed underneath the saddle, the X-Wing allows greater flexibility of the saddle and improves overall comfort. You won’t find anything rigid and non-conforming sticking into your behind!

Get this as well – you don’t lose out on power. In fact, due to increased flexibility, you actually get more power transfer from your glutes down to your pedals when compared with a regular saddle that doesn’t flex.

Here’s a fact for you! If you want to get any lighter than the X Wing saddle you are going to have to throw your saddle out completely. Now that, boys and girls, would be seriously uncomfortable!

Whatever your cycling dream is, make sure you saddle it well with an X-Wing before heading out.

Where Can I Get One?

If you are looking to purchase an X-Wing saddle or find out more information then please contact your local distributor.  To locate your nearest distributor please click on the link below:

Visit : Token Distributors


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