Weight Weenies T33SL Review


Frankie B, an administrator over on Weight Weenies recently wrote a review on Token’s T33SL wheels.  If you are not familiar with Weight Weenies, then here’s some information pulled from their ‘About’ page:

About Weight Weenies

“Everything started in December 2000 when Nino Fenaroli posted an appeal in the forum of mtbr.com to send him accurate weights for a weight website. Over the years he had collected a list of nearly 800 weights from various resources like magazines, forums or off his own scale, which he carried to bike shops and bike shows. A few weeks later Chris Motson posted the same idea in the forum. Since Nino was limited in time and computer skills, Chris was the ideal partner and so they came together to build Weight Weenies.”


T33SL Review : September 2012

Right, time for a follow up on this one. After I rode these super nice wheels for a good 1000 kilometres I, kind of, forgot what I liked so much in these wheels. My Other two wheels sets are RAR clinchers (kinlin rims on tune hubs) and New Ultimate 50mm deep tubular wheels. (gigantex rim on American Classic hubs) So I think I’m a bit spoiled wheel wise. Switching back and forth didn’t give the wanted results so I glued a fresh set of Challenge Strada (25mm) tubs on them and put them in the wife’s bike. She wasn’t super happy with me doing that as her bike has a super nice understated look to it and is mostly executed in black and white. The wheels that came out are a set of Reynolds Sollitudes that she really likes. As she is really uninformed about the merits and downfalls of carbon she would be able to tell me everything that I hadn’t mentioned.

Things She Came Up With

“Hey, I’m faster back on your wheel after a corner.”

“The ride is more ‘soft.”

“The front wheel doesn’t pull on my bar as much.”

“Braking is a bit less hard.”

These Are Translated As:

“Because of the lower rotational mass I can spin up faster.”

“The rims are 23mm wide. Because of that you need to glue a 24mm or wider tire. These use less air pressure as opposed to 23mm versions. That makes the ride more gentle as you can hardly feel small bumps in the road.”

“This comment was made with 50mm deep wheels in mind. The T33SL wheels are 33mm high thus, 17mm less than 50’s. Those few mm less and the wider, more rounded profile make sure that the wind can’t play as much with the rims.”

“Braking on carbon rims is of course different then on their alloy counterparts. When you compare carbon rims to alloy, we can in general say that carbon rims don’t brake as good as alloys.”

On braking, Token did something to the brake track that makes breaking a pleasure as opposed to my gigantex wheels. They want you to use the equinox super soft brake pads, but most other pads work as well. Those other brake pads void the warranty. So think twice before putting those other rubbers in your brake calipers.

A small note to Token; please think of a way to sell/ distribute the recommended brake pads to the end user. If the customer can’t buy them your warranty statement isn’t valid.

Please Note : All Token wheelsets are supplied with the recommended brake pads.  We strongly recommend our customers to use these brake pads as they are specifically designed to reduce overheating during braking.

Some Things I Noticed.

  • The stickers are extremely loud and don’t fit to every bike. It would be wise to design more subtle ones.
  • The wheels are super light and nimble. I like them a lot, but the current spoke config might be a bit to light for my frame. Current spokes are Sapim CX-Ray. I would have preferred D-Light ones on the drive side of the rear wheel. This stiffens up the rear wheel when power is put down the pedal.
  • Side wind isn’t an issue.
  • The wider tires at lower pressures do give a more gentle, ‘softer’ ride.
  • Braking in both wet and dry is good.
  • The TBT+ bearings deliver a smooth rolling action.
  • The free hub is a special thing. It has 6(!) pawls and engages super fast. The six pawls are also responsible for a less loud free hub sound. it is a bit Chris King like, although a lot less loud.

The Wife’s Ride With The Wheels:

Thanks Frankie!

Frankie, thank you very much for your thorough review of these wheels!  It is very much appreciated!

The original article can be viewed on the Weight Weenies sight at this address:


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