Marc Willers Olympic Bike




Willy. (, 01 Jul 2010)

Start of sporting career

He took up BMX aged four at his local track in New Zealand.
(, 07 Oct 2011)

Most memorable sporting achievement

“Winning my first world cup supercross race in France in 2007.”
(, 01 Jul 2010)


Hamish Carter [New Zealand triathlete] and Sarah Ulmer [New Zealand cyclist].
(, 01 Jul 2010)


Olympic 2012 Results

Date Event Rank Results
10 August Men’s Cycling – BMX Semifinals 8 26
9 August Men’s Cycling – BMX Quarterfinals 1 4
8 August Men’s Cycling – BMX Seeding Run 10 38.687

Letter From Michael @ Cycle Group

Michael Gamstetter at Cycle Group Inc. sent us the following message about Marc Willers performance at the Olympics.  Token is not a direct sponsor for Marc, but we produce the headsets for Promax which are featured on his bike. (Token hEGGset TK060)

Congratulations to Marc and his teammate on their achievements at this year’s London Olympics.

“Hi Everyone,

 Attached is a photo of Marc Willers racing in the time trial in London. Marc and his New Zealand teammate did great, finishing 10th and 16th respectively. Marc and Kurt Pickard are using BOS Maximus Bars and Delta Stem. Marc also is using BOX rims, seat clamp, brake cable and a Promax headset. I also am sending two other photos, one taken during the race by NBC Sports and the either taken during practice on Tuesday. 

Here’s a great photo taken by a guy at DK Bicycles (Marc’s frame sponsor) from the TV. You can clearly see the BOX logo on this handlebars and the the Delta stem, as well as all the other BOX and Promax parts. Awesome. 

Thanks to all of you who worked hard to get these products to Marc in time for the Olympics. 


Michael Gamstetter
Product Designer, Senior Brand Manager
Cycle Group Inc.
1580 N. Orangethorpe Way
Anaheim, CA 92801


Marc’s Bike Setup

  • BOX Focus Rims
  • BOX Delta Stem
  • BOX Maximus Handlebars
  • BOX Helix Seatclamp
  • BOX Linear Brake Cable Housing with BOX Nano Cable
  • Promax Headset (Token hEGGset TK060)

Token hEGGset

Our patented hEGGset is a dual function headset for both integrated and threadless headtubes.  The hEGGset’s sleek design allows the headset to fit flush into the headtube of the frame, giving a smooth single unit-like appearance to your frame’s headtube.

The hEGGset is really easy to install and uses sealed bearings meaning you spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying the ride.  You will also be pleased to know that the overall weight of the hEGGset is on par with the lightest headsets available on the market.

As part of our research we redesigned the alloy parts of the hEGGset and invented the hEGGset’s unique packaging system.  Made from recyclable plastic, the egg-shaped packaging is reusable and can even function as a cool paperweight for your desk!

hEGGset, we believe, is an ‘EGGcellent EGGaxmple’ of what is possible in design and care for the environment.

If you are looking to purchase a hEGGset or find out more information then please contact your local distributor.  To locate your nearest distributor please click on the link below:

Visit : Token Distributors


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