What To Get For The Cyclist In Your Life This Christmas


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Looking for a Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life? Are you a cyclist yourself and want to hint at your loved one or friend what to get you for Christmas? Did they not get the hint for the 700th time that you wanted something cool and different in your stocking this season?


Are you even fed up with everything Christmas and simply want to just go out and treat yourself instead and then go ride your bike in peace?


Well, you’ve come to the right place.

You know something? Often people who are not into cycling don’t know what to get people who do cycle, so you end up with a situation like this……..

Christmas Rage.

So, here’s to 2013 without a garage or spare room full of unwanted multi-tools and bike lights. (Before long your ride begins to look like a Christmas tree or a UFO coming down the street!)

Here’s a quick rundown of four of our ‘Super Six’ products that will fit a reasonable budget and a stocking in front of the fire just nicely.

Super Six products are the best of what we have to offer. These four products also come nicely packaged, are easy and less dangerous to wrap (unlike a set of chain blades) and have everything you need to fit them to your bike.

Ok, now we’ll shut up and get on with the list.


Bling Box

“The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.”

– Massimo Vignelli


bling box mtb72Paint your bike! Treat it to some bling-bling! The Bling-Box has everything you need to give your bike a splash of vivid colour. Forget mismatched colours from buying different parts from different manufacturers. Your bike will not only look the part, but it will perform better, too. All parts are constructed from alloy making them super light. In addition, the enclosed pulley contains Token’s patented TBT bearings for enhanced performance. The nicest thing about the Bling Box is it is easy to install on your own.

Available in metallic red, gold, black and blue. If buying for yourself just remember not to mention to your spouse that you ‘splashed out’ on your bike and not them! Follow these links for more information.



“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; 

but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

–  Michelangelo


HeggsetThe headset on your bike is not something that many people give a lot of thought to. It’s got to be light of course and maybe the colour is important, but that’s where most of the thinking stops.  At Token, we do lots of thinking about headsets and how we can make things better.

Our patented award winning hEGGset is a dual function headset for both integrated and threadless headtubes. The hEGGset’s sleek design allows the headset to fit flush into the headtube of the frame, giving a smooth single unit-like appearance to your frame’s headtube.

It’s easy to install, is on par with the lightest headsets available on the market and the packaging is cool and can be reused as a cool paperweight for your desk!

Bikeradar called our headsets, “The best user-serviceable integrated headset available.”

We never set the bar too low and neither should you. Our hEGGset, we believe, is an ‘EGGcellent EGGaxmple’ of what is possible in design and care for the environment.


Shark Tail Skewers

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.”

– Brian Reed


closeup shark tailThe tail of a shark provides thrust, delivering awesome speed and acceleration while the contoured shape allows the shark to glide through the water with ease and finesse.

The design of Token’s multi-award winning Shark Tail skewers was born out of the close observation of one of nature’s most powerful ocean bound creatures. By applying the shape and contours of a shark’s tail we created the strongest, lightest and most aerodynamic skewers you will find anywhere.

Shark Tail skewers are constructed using a stainless steel axle or Token’s signature titanium Y-cut axle, so you get the ultimate in lightness without compromising on strength. The streamlined alloy lever makes it easy to hook your fingers around for faster removal while the sleek aerodynamic design glides through the air effortlessly.

Available in metallic red, gold, black or blue, they are according to one review, a ‘fin-tastic’ addition to your bike!


3D Alloy Spacer

3D SpacerThis super light alloy spacer has been one of our hottest products in the last few years. Despite being small, it has a big presence on your bike. We often hear from people who have them that they are one of the main things people notice on their bike.

The alloy spacer houses a transparent inner collar complete with Token decal giving that cool 3D look. Available in red, gold, black or blue add a new dimension to your ride.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : 3D glasses not necessary to view this amazing product.


How Can I Get One Of These Four Fantastic Products?

For more information on these four products or any other Token products please contact your local distributor.

To locate your nearest distributor please use our locator tool:

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