Win for Michael Fox in Nowra


Michael Fox Win in Nowra

Good news from Michael Fox, our sponsored hero in Australia. Michael wrote to us on Monday about his win at the Nowra Olympic Distance Triathlon. Here’s Michael’s letter.

A quick update for you. I raced in The Nowra Olympic Distance Triathlon on the weekend and won with over a 2 min lead coming off the bike. 

This has been a great lead into Auckland and I saw some big improvements on the bike. I really liked the DT58 Wheel that you sent me in December. I had the fastest bike split by a minute. I have attached a photo of me on the bike with the wheels.

December wasn’t a good month of racing for me with 2 DNF’s. 1 Crash and another due to a mechanical. So, this has been a good confidence booster prior to Auckland 70.3 this weekend. This is going to be a huge race with a stacked pro field.

Thanks for all your support and I’m loving my Token Wheels!!


Congratulations to Michael on his win and good luck to him on the Auckland 70.3 this weekend!


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