Every Hero Needs A ‘Sidekick’ : Token’s Junior Wheelset


culprit junior racing

Calling all heroes, calling all heroes! There’s something missing, or should we say ‘someone’…..  That’s right, your sidekick! Just like Batman and Robin!

However, forget that cheesy seventies nanananannanannaaaaa soundtrack as they jump into action.

Introducing Token’s new Sidekick wheelset! It may look cute, but don’t be fooled! This wheelset is smaller, but packs all the action of its larger counterparts.

Article From Bike Rumor

Original Article :


Over at Culprit, Josh Colp and his team have come up with the Junior One, a high performance racing bike for kids, and we are supplying them with the Sidekick wheel to compliment this great bike.

Colp says, It’s a real bike made for performance riding, it just happens to be sized for kids.  Colp says he made a video just to show it’ll easily handle the weight of a full size adult, but that it rolls quick and easy for kids. Standover height is just 550mm,

There’s also the Junior Two 650C road bike for really short riders or kids that are in between sizes. Standover height is 686mm, and Colp says it should be ready to ship around January 15 for $1,350 USD. This is part of their New Year’s special and the price is set to go up in mid-February.

Please Note : The Sidekick Wheel is currently available exclusively on the Culprit Junior One. The Sidekick wheel will be widely available in our 2014 product line.



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