Post NZ Ironman Update from Cameron

October 2012

November 2012 issue

Congratulations to Cameron on placing 3rd at the weekend’s Ironman in Taupo, New Zealand. Enjoy your rest time Cameron, you’ve earned it!

“Well it was a tough day at the office yesterday. Not the day I was hoping for in my 15th Ironman New Zealand but still enough to get on the podium in 3rd place. Perfect conditions greeted the 1400 athletes as we took off in the calm waters of Lake Taupo. I swam nearly the whole way by myself and ended up 4 mins down coming out of the water, too much time to give away to the leaders Bevan Docherty and Marko Albert.

Onto the bike and the day continued to be hard, I kept losing minutes as every kilometer passed and would find myself 11 mins down off the bike. At least the weather was fantastic! Always hopeful of my run leg it didn’t last long before I started asking myself questions “this would be a long day”! I struggled from the first kilometer and blew at the 21 km mark! I finished with a 2:57 hr marathon, a long way off my best but my first bad day in 15 yrs here and I still managed to get on the podium. Time for a quick break before I start training for the next event.

Thanks again for your support.”

Kind Regards

Cameron Brown

Results of Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Ironman New Zealand

Location : Taupo, New Zealand

Date : March 2, 2013

The Challenge : Swim 2.4 mi. / Bike 112 mi. / Run 26.2 mi.


1. Bevan Docherty (NZL) 8:15:34 *CR

2. Marko Albert (EST) 8:25:30

3. Cameron Brown (NZL) 8:34:28

4. Courtney Ogden (AUS) 8:38:53

5. Balazs Csoke (HUN) 8:46:05

6. Carl Read (NZL) 8:48:16

7. Keegan Williams (NZL) 8:50:22

8. Ben Cotter (CAN) 9:02:47

9. Chris Sanson (NZL) 9:07:01

10. Simon Cochrane (NZL) 9:17:12


1. Meredith Kessler (USA) 9:17:10

2. Gina Crawford (NZL) 9:20:54

3. Candice Hammond (NZL) 9:35:52

4. Anna Ross (NZL) 9:38:59

5. Kira Flanagan (AUS) 9:55:41 * F25-29

6. Erin Furness (NZL) 9:56:30 * F30-34

7. Janine Sax (NZL) 10:03:21

8. Dimitry-Lee Duke (AUS) 10:08:41 * F30-34

9. Melanie Burke (AUS) 10:09:02

10. Larisa Marsh (NZL) 10:15:55 * F25-29


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