Smiles, Reunions & Mischief

Hi Everyone.

Lots of good feedback on our booth so far. The bike pictured below from yesterday’s article being the showstopper. Lots of people coming past and stopping to check out its simple black frame finished with laser red Token parts. New decals for the wheels round off the look and feel of this stealthy stunner. Token staff are planning to have a rock paper scissors contest at the end of the show to see who is the lucky one to ride it back home.

Token Bike In Booth 2 (Large)

Lots of smiles from people at the booth. Thought we’d share the happy times. Weather in Taipei is good. Sunshine, with some cloud making it nice weather for short sleeved shirts.

Happy Times @ Token 05 (Large)

Meetings Meetings Meetings!

Happy Times @ Token 03 (Large)

Chatting Chatting Chatting!

Happy Times @ Token 06 (Large)

Our Sponsored Hero, Fly, dropped in to say hi. He’s a nice guy! (Hey, that all rhymed!) He modeled for the picture behind him. Thanks Fly!

Happy Times @ Token 02 (Large)

Taking some time out. It’s not all about business, it’s about reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in a while and making new plans together.

Happy Times @ Token 04 (Large)

Our CEO, James Chang. I think this might be the only time when he didn’t have a big beaming smile on his face.

Happy Times @ Token 08 (Large)

When you haven’t seen friends in a long time, you notice the differences. Nice beard, Jacob!

Happy Times @ Token 07 (Large)

Someone has definitely thought of something mischievous.

Happy Times @ Token 01 (Large)

Hold on a minute! Keep your shirt on there son! We get the idea from the picture!


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