New! : AVT Carbon

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What is AVT?

Using a high-tech material normally found in aerospace and military applications, Token is bringing a whole new riding experience to the cycling world.

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When this technologically advanced material is combined with our carbon wheels the result is a super high tensile strength wheel which significantly reduces vibration.

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We simply call it, Anti-Vibration Technology! Or AVT because it’s just easier and takes less time to say.

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Weight for weight, AVT is eight times stronger than steel, resistant to high temperatures, fatigue, impact and the corrosion from chemicals or saltwater.

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AVT is truly an INNOAVTIVE advance in wheel technology and the very best that we have to offer riders.

It’s almost as if it came from another planet……

Token Exclusive Design (TED)

Token-ExclusiveAVT is a Token Exclusive Design (TED). TED means we guarantee that you won’t find these products anywhere else.

Equipped With

  • TBTToken’s signature TBT Tiramic Bearings that literally give you ‘free speed’ (Racing wheels only)

  • rdda_hm12_rgb (Large)Token’s Reddot award winning Shark Tail Skewers

  • Token Wheel Bags / Valve Extenders / Extra Spokes / Brake Pads

All our wheels undergo rigorous testing above and beyond what is normally required for most wheels. Each wheel is also put through a 2 cycle spoke tension release process to ensure that the wheel is true and round. This is our basic written standard and something we are very proud of at Token.  All carbon wheels come with a 2 year warranty and crash replacement policy.

AVT Wheelsets 

AVT Carbon is currently found in the following Token Wheelsets. For information on each wheelset you can download a copy of our 2013 catalog here:


C28 / C55 / C590




C18CA / C32CB / C18CR

Token 2013 Catalog


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