New Sponsored Heroes : Nikolay Yaroshenko & Vladimir Turbaevskiy

We are pleased to announce two new additions to our team of Sponsored Heroes. Hailing from Россия (Russia) these guys mean serious business.

Nikolay Yaroshenko

First, let us introduce Nikolay Yaroshenko, 27 years old, who represents the Russian National Team. Last year’s ITU World LD ranking placed Nikolay in 1st position. He also placed 1st in the ITU LD World Series event! 2013 is going to a promising year for him. As the saying goes, “Watch this space!”

It was actually his birthday a couple of weeks ago, so a big Happy Birthday to Nikolay from us all.


Vladimir Turbaevskiy

Next up is Vladimir Turbaevskiy, 29 years old, who represents the Russian National Triathlon Team and the Russian Olympic Team.

Vladimir has a strong record of achievements in his wake, one of the highlights being Russian National Champion in 2010.


Vladimir’s birthday may not be until September, but he does have one thing to celebrate………………. He took gold in the recent Chengdu Premium Asian Cup!

A hearty congratulations go to Valdimir on this achievement. There’s another good saying here somewhere. Oh yes, “Start as you mean to go on!”

We are very happy to have both Nikolay and Vladimir on board for 2013.

Look out for them in our series of ‘Token Talks’ where we’ll be putting them both in the hot seat and asking them about their life, family, what motivates them and possibly some other random nonsense questions just to keep it interesting.


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