TOKEN TALKS : Daniil Sapunov


My dream is to be happy, to have a family and two or three children.
Now I can say that I am happy and going in the right direction.

We are doing a series of interviews called ‘TOKEN Talks’ with people in the Token family. Today we are talking to Ukranian, Daniil Sapunov. Daniil describes himself as ‘harmful and stubborn’ and on hearing that you’d probably want to get out of his way or he’s gonna get mad. Don’t let that mislead you though. What he means is that he is driven to be the best he can be. He jokes that he has no time for hobbies, which may not be surprising when you see his training schedule. When he does have time he enjoys spending it with the love of his life or with his good friends. One quote from Daniil that came out in the course of this interview stuck out heads above the rest and tells you what sort of a guy he is and wants to be.

“I strive to be a strong athlete and a good man.”

Here’s Daniil in his own words…..

The Basics

Daniil 1Name : Daniil Sapunov

D.O.B. : 05.04.1982

Nationality : Ukraine

Height & Weight : 173cm / 63kg

Team : Ukraine

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

“Small, Harmful, Stubborn.”

Which Token products are you currently using?

“Wheelset T33-T55-T85 and disc wheels.” 

What are your race results for the past year?

  • Huatulco, World Cup – 3rd place
  • Geneva European Cup – 3rd place
  • The leader of the European rankings
  • Taiwan Series 70.3 – 2nd place

Family Life

Tell us a little about your family life.  What things do you enjoy doing with your family when you are not racing or training?

“I love traveling with my girlfriend. When at home, I like to go to visit friends.”

Tell us about your childhood and where you grew up.

“I am the only child in the family. My mother is a teacher at a local school. My father is a shoemaker. As a child I lived in the village chasing friends on a bicycle and playing children’s games all day. I still have nothing but good memories from my childhood.”

What are your hobbies and interests outside of cycling?

“I don’t have any time for hobbies! Ha ha ha!”


What or who inspires you?

“My parents and my girlfriend.”

What’s your favorite quote?

“Work and a little effort.”

Who is your hero? Why?

“I do not know why, but there are no heroes. I strive to be a strong athlete and a good man.”

What is your dream?

“My dream is to be happy, to have a family and two or three children. Now I can say that I am happy and going in the right direction.”

Training & Nutrition

Daniil 4

Mistakes happen all the time, but we learn from them and move forward.

What does your training schedule look like?  Tell us how often you train, how you train and where you train.

“I train seven days a week for 3-7 hours a day. Winter training in Cyprus, and this winter I plan to go with a team in Spain. Triathlon requires a lot of training.”

What’s your favourite food?

“I love Japanese food – sushi, Italian – pasta and pizza.”

What’s your least favourite food?

“Probably there is no food. I like that a lot, and specifically one can not distinguish.”

What’s your favourite drink?

“Red wine!”

What do you eat before a big race?

“Usually it is tea or coffee with bread or biscuits.”

What do you eat after a race?

“Depends on my mood! It can be a good piece of meat or a simple pasta with salmon.”

Have you ever made any mistakes with your nutrition?  If yes, what was it and what did you learn from it?

“Mistakes happen all the time, but we learn from them and move forward. I’ve made many errors such as eating too little or too much, or eating something too heavy which then caused stomach problems and ruined the race. These are all experiences, and everyone will make their own mistakes.”

What do you eat/drink while riding?

“I use gels and drinks from my sponsor. They are really delicious and effective.”

Do you have any tips on nutrition or training that you would like to share?

One piece of advice I give is: “Listen to your body, do not do what it refuses to do!

Something Different

Ukraine (Large)

What’s your favourite colour?

“I like the colors of the flag of my country, yellow and blue, they look wonderful.”

What’s your favourite movie?

“I don’t have a favorite movie. I don’t watch movies.”

If you won US$20,000,000 what would you do with it?

“I’ll think about it when I win it!”

What makes you angry?

“Injustice. It’s everywhere. I also hate lies. It is better to remain silent than to lie!.”

If you could be an animal which animal would you be?

“A bird, so I can fly.”

Tell us about a really happy moment in your life.

“It is yet to come!”

Have you ever done anything crazy in your life?  Tell us about it.

“No, sorry, I am a really sensible guy!”

What kind of cell phone do you have?


Thanks Daniil for taking the time to talk to us.  If you want to find out more about Token products in your area you can contact one of our distributors, who will be happy to assist you. Please visit our main website by clicking on the image below and use the locator tool.

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