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HERO Wheel


Token Hero C45A frontBeing a hero is not just about winning. Character, determination, tremendous hard work and the positive contributions you make to your sport and community define you as a true hero. Each of these qualities stand out on their own, but when you find the right mix it has an exceptional influence on who you will eventually become.

When designing a racing wheel, perfecting the right blend of key qualities is critical. Weight, stiffness, aerodynamics, rim profile, width and many others result in a truly great wheel. These days, there is a lot of hype about aerodynamics and wind tunnel performance. Of course, cutting down on wind matters, but what about manipulating airflow and using it to your advantage?

We looked at all of the factors that contribute to making the best wheel possible and the result is our HERO C45A wheel. It doesn’t just perform well in the wind tunnel, it actually improves your overall ride in real life situations like side winds, changing road conditions and varying weather.

Token Hero C45A rimThe HERO C45A is equipped with a 45mm innovative rim shape featuring a lip at the inner edge of the rim. The lip provides extra strength and stiffness and splits crosswinds giving you more control than a traditional aero rim. In headwinds the lip pushes air around and away from the wheel. Greater levels of stability are also achieved thanks to a wider 23mm rim. Straight pull spokes laced in a diametric spoke pattern add further strength and stiffness while optimising and balancing power transfer. The alloy braking surface offers greater levels of braking performance, especially in wet conditions.

At the centre of the HERO C45A is the HERO hub. Moving away from the regular designs of most other hubs the HERO hub exhibits a sleeker and more refined shape which complements the overall design of the HERO C45A. The hub is made using weapons grade machining processes and contains our signature TBT Tiramic bearings for near frictionless performance. Compared with other lightweight hubs, the HERO hub contains larger bearings granting you with a stronger wheel and more control.

Token Hero C45A hub

We are confident that by combining the qualities that make you a hero with the benefits that this wheelset provide you will be one step closer to becoming all you can be.

DOWNLOAD MORE INFORMATION announce launch of HERO wheelset

You can download more information about the HERO wheelset in PDF format here:

HERO Wheelset Information Sheet <right click and ‘save as’>


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