Culprit Legend TTV 1 (Large)

Culprit Legend is the first bike in the world with a front triangle design and no seatstay. It was designed with rider comfort and aerodynamics in mind.  It is also the first Tri bike in the world with front and rear disc brakes. Culprit partnered with Ashima to develop a fully enclosed hydraulic disc brake. There is no other Tri bike on the market like the Legend.

The Legend comes in two different builds. One with fully hydraulic disk brakes and designed in partnership with Ashima. 160 mm rotor on front, 140 mm rotor in the rear. The other is with TRP TTV rim brakes and TTV brake levers.

Both builds are using the same wheels from TOKEN. Our Aineon disc hub is designed with only 3 bolts so it is clean with or without a disc brake rotor. SRAM Red TT Groupset throughout the rest of the build.

Culprit Legend disc 1 (Large)

Post, Stem and Aerobar are new Trigon designs in conjunction with Culprit.

The bike is designed with no seatstay for improved aerodynamics. Wind tunnel testing showed with a seatstay there was more drag than this design with no seatstay. Also for increased rider comfort.

The same frame can be built with 3 different brake options for a rear brake. TRP TTV, Ashima disc brakes or Shimano direct mount, for the front, the same fork can accommodate TRP TTV or disc brakes.

Rear drop outs are 135 with alloy adaptors moving it back to 130 for standard road wheels.

Price TBD, Weight, Not finalized. Visit Culprit for more information and future updates.



  1. Fraaie tijdritfiets: De Culprit Legend — - 08/23/2013

    […] model is zo nieuw dat we voorlopig alleen info kunnen vinden op de website van Token. De Legend kun je straks blijkbaar bestellen met velg- of schijfremmen (samen met Ashima […]

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