Top Results for Team Pista Elite

Kilo USA Pista Elite

Letter From Tony, Pista Elite

Tony from Pista Elite wrote to us with an update on recent results from Team Pista Elite, USA. It seems that in the past few weeks they have been very busy raking in top placings across the board.

Check out the letter from Tony:

Here is a summary of our results at the US National Championships. Results included are Road, Track, and Time Trial events at the US National Senior Olympics and the US National Track Cycling Championship which we contested over the past two weeks.

World Record in Flying 200 Meters set by Carl Grove. Equipment used included Token Pista RV bicycle with Token Rear Disc and Token T50 front wheel, PyroApparel skinsuit, and SugarKitty aero shoe covers

  • US National Championships x6
  • US National Championship Silver x1
  • US National Championship Bronze x1
  • Other Top Ten US National Championship Placings x6
  • Other Top 20 US National Championship Placings x22
  • Other Top 25 US National Championship Placings x7

All in all an excellent showing. 

We thank all of you for your support and look forward to a continued and successful working relationship.

Tony Smith

General Counsel USA Pista Elite Inc.

Some amazing results there from the team. Heartfelt congratulations from all of us at TOKEN on such great teamwork!

Recent Photos


Tere Camacho USA Pista Elite 02

Tere Camacho, Team Pista Elite, USA



Mark Ballenger, Team Pista Elite, USA


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