Eurobike 2013 : Day 1

We have something very special on display at Eurobike this year. We’d like to introduce you to:

The TOKEN Rebel


A Celebration of Passion & Craftsmanship

This is a one-of-a-kind fixed gear conversion. That’s right, there’s only one of these in existence!

Several hundred hours were spent in crafting this exclusive and exquisite bicycle. The hundreds of man hours of sanding, etching, polishing and then polishing again until a perfect shine was achieved.

Why was so much time spent? Well, we want to show everyone the attention to detail, the passion for making great products and also the level of craftsmanship we apply to everything we do at TOKEN.

We thought it was so special that we decided to give it a website of its own. Go take a look and find out in more detail how the TOKEN Rebel came to be.

This bike is, unfortunately, not for sale. However, you can still enjoy the photos and share with your friends!

If you are at Eurobike then come by and visit us at booth: A3-604.

–          The TOKEN Team

TOKEN Rebel Website


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