TOKEN Wheels : 2014 Signature Wheelsets

Today, we are focusing on our signature wheelsets for 2014. For each wheel you can download a fully loaded spec sheet that tells you everything about the wheels. For information on ordering please use our dealer locator to find TOKEN in your region. Click each image to enlarge.

ROAD : HERO : HERO C45A Carbon Clincher



A new approach to aerodynamics. We have created a unique rim profile that controls the wind to your advantage.

Download Full Spec Sheet For HERO C45A Carbon Clincher (PDF)

ROAD : ARSENAL : C28 Carbon Clincher

Page_10 Page_11

The latest generation of our ever popular all-round carbon clincher.

Download Full Spec Sheet For C28 Carbon Clincher (PDF)

ROAD : ARSENAL : T55 Carbon Tubular

Page_12 Page_13

The T55 Carbon is a great wheel for all kinds of cycling events from Triathlon to Grand Tour mountain stages.

Download Full Spec Sheet For T55 Carbon Tubular (PDF)

MTB : MTX : C18CR 29″ Carbon Clincher

Page_22 Page_23

The C18CR is the 29” big brother of the 26” C18CA. The C18CR harnesses the same Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) which not only cuts down on vibration, but provides extra strength to withstand harsh punishment from the terrain.

Download Full Spec Sheet For C18CR Carbon Clincher (PDF)

MTB : VIGILANTE : V32CB 27.5″ (650B) Carbon Clincher

Page_26 Page_27

The V32CB is our latest all mountain carbon clincher to hit the trails. Built for regular clinchers or tubeless tyres it is perfectly suited to take on whatever you want to throw at it.

Download Full Spec Sheet For V32CB Carbon Clincher (PDF)


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