UCI Masters World Championships XCO & Downhill

Jimmy Redman

Our guys in South Africa gave us this great report about the UCI Masters World Championships that recently took place there. Gareth wrote:

It was UCI Masters World Championships XCO and Down Hill on the weekend, starting on Friday right through to Monday. The event took place at Cascades Mountain Bike Park in Pietermaritzburg South Africa; the same venue as the UCI Trails and Mountain Bike World Championships the following weekend. So the venue was literally World Class and the set up superb, the crowd support and vibe were superb with family and friends lining the course and cheering on.

Jimmy Bike

We had 3 sponsored riders and local coach Russell White riding his TOKEN Carbon Seatpost. He raced well and took 8th in the 55-59 XCO category. Jimmy Redman, partner of TOKEN Products Africa, rode pretty much a complete TOKEN Bike with 29er frame, wheels, pedals, cranks, bar, stem, seat post and saddle to. The bike weighed an incredible 8.3kgs race ready! Jim fought hard in a World Class line up filled with Europeans and claimed 11th in the 50-54 category.

Derrin Smith of Team Jeep South Africa chose the X-Wing Carbon saddle for his battle in the 30-34 category, an incredible ride by the KZN local saw him finish in 8th in the World Champs XCO 30-34 category.

Derrin Smith

There were 2 other non-sponsored riders that we saw riding TOKEN frames. John Campbell in the 50-54 XCO and a rider in the 45-49 category.

A massive well done to all the guys who raced, especially those rolling on TOKEN.

We had samples for riders to see what TOKEN is about and Jimmy’s bike created huge hype and interest as a 8.3kg 29er does these days. The commentator even mentioned it several times.

It was an awesome weekend for TOKEN with lots of folk talking about what we are doing.





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