TOKEN TALKS : Louis Pijourlet


We are doing a series of interviews called ‘TOKEN Talks’ with people in the Token family. Today we are talking to our Sponsored Hero, Louis Pijourlet, just 19 years old. Louis started out at a junior level and is working his way towards a dream of competing at the Olympics. His brother, Jules is also a top level French cyclist. These brothers are taking the cycling world by storm. We had Louis in for a chat and here’s what he had to say:

The Basics

Name : Louis Pijourlet

D.O.B. : 17.10.1995

Nationality : French

Height & Weight : 181cm / 65kg

Team : La Motte Servolex Cyclisme

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

“Young, sporty, smiling.”

Which Token products are you currently using?

“Combo Quad and Rear Disc Wheel.” 

What are your race results for the past year?

  • 1st at Rhone Alpes Junior Championships
  • 3 times regional champion
  • Winner of a national race
  • Third at France championship of team pursuit (track)
  • 6th in Chrono des nations aux Herbiers


Family Life

Tell us a little about your family life.  What things do you enjoy doing with your family when you are not racing or training?

“I have one big brother, Jules. He’s a cyclist too. I live with my parents. I enjoy spend with my family, what we do is not very important because we are not often together.”

Tell us about your childhood and where you grew up.

“I grew up in a little town in the mountains, so I spent a lot of time in nature. I practiced different sports like judo and cross country skiing…I had a happy childhood.”

What are your hobbies and interests outside of cycling?

“Outside of cycling, I enjoy reading, cinema and spending time with my friends.”

Louis Pijourlet


What or who inspires you?

“John Lennon, for his peace, his talent and his philosophy.”

What’s your favorite quote?

“Impossible is nothing.”

Who is your hero? Why?

“My brother is a hero for me because he is one of the bests French riders and he succeeds everywhere.”

What is your dream?

“I dream to succeed at my studies, and to take part at the Olympic Games.”


Training & Nutrition

What does your training schedule look like?  Tell us how often you train, how you train and where you train.

“During winter my training is varied, with skiing, swimming, running…I work my endurance and power. I train 6 times a week with my team or alone. I go on track to Geneva once a week. I have powertap to help me at working at a good intensity.”

What’s your favourite food?

“Every food with chocolate and gingerbread and whatever my mother makes.”

What’s your least favourite food?

“Seafood ( except fish) .”

What’s your favourite drink?

“Apple juice.”

What do you eat before a big race?

“I eat pasta.”

What do you eat after a race?

“I eat what I have! Nothing special.”

Have you ever made any mistakes with your nutrition?  If yes, what was it and what did you learn from it?

“I care about my nutrition and I have some help with it, so I haven’t made mistakes with my nutrition.

What do you eat/drink while riding?

“I eat cereal bar ( I make my cereal bar), energy gel, gingerbread, apple compote. I drink water, energy drink, or apple juice”

Do you have any tips on nutrition or training that you would like to share?

“The best food is that we can eat and we like.


Something Different

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite movie?

“Astérix et obélix mission cleôpatre.”

If you won US$20,000,000 what would you do with it?

“I would build a track, a house; I make gifts for my friends and family….”

What makes you angry?


If you could be any super hero, who would you be? Why?

“Iron man because I like his jokes and he fights every time.”

If you could be an animal which animal would you be? Why?

“Tiger, because they are skilful, run quickly and they are kings!”

Tell us a joke.

“Chuck Norris doesn’t like speed cameras, they dazzle him when he rides a bike.”

Tell us something embarrassing that happened to you.

“When I was 13, I was singing in front of my class when my voice broke.”

Tell us about a really happy moment in your life.

“My medal at the French championship because we won this medal thanks to team work, a friendship was born, and our families were present to support us”

What kind of cell phone do you have?

“I’ve had a classic phone for 3 years, it is very solid!”


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