Triton Chooses TOKEN

We recently received the following letter from Dmitry at Triton Bikes in Russia along with a bunch of photos showing how they are using TOKEN parts for their bikes. We were extremely pleased and we thought we’d share this here on our news feed. Enjoy!

About Triton

We are working hard to provide competitive titanium frames and bicycles and our bikes are ridden in over 30 countries. All our frames are hand built at our facilities in Moscow. We are a team of 8 people. Each Triton employee is a passionate bicycle rider and enthusiast.

We specialize in 29er MTB, touring and road frames. The recent trend is 27.5″ bikes, we have built a few frames for them. We also build CX, street and 26″ MTB frames.

Triton Bikes July 2013 166

Our main markets are USA, Germany, Australia and Great Britain. We usually ship frames/framesets to these countries. On the other hand, we usually build complete bikes for the Russian customers. People love the idea of being able to get a bicycle that is designed to fit them.

We send our customers a table / or do custom fitting at our office in Moscow. We model a rider on a bicycle and then have the frame built exactly for the customer. Also we apply custom decals on the top tube, like customer’s name or nickname which makes a bike truly exclusive.

There are often people who are very tall or heavy and standard bikes wouldn’t fit them. Sometimes our customers are so tall, that larger wheels are needed. We are running a project called DirtySixer with a very tall guy from San-Francisco. He owns the brand and idea of the bikes that fit tall people. We have built 36″ wheeled bike for this project and he is promoting it among NBA and veteran NBA players in the USA.

Triton Chooses TOKEN

We use Token parts quite often, especially the headsets and seat post clamps. The picture below is the bike I built for my wife Olga (she is in the photo, dressed in Triton Bikes uniform made by Santini, Italy).

Triton for Token 4

We were getting ready for a trip to Eurobike and I urgently needed a bike to show the people after the event. So I built this bike within a couple of days. I source most of the parts through Denis Polovinkin has been supporting us for ages, he is a nice guy and he advised me to get the 29er wheels from Token.

I loved them and we installed them right on. I tested the bike in the hills of Italy both on road and off road. The wheels are holding strong although my weight exceeds 100 kg. I would gladly use your products and wheels especially for the next builds.

I think Token is offering very competitive products for their price. I can also hear sometimes people commenting something like: “Hey, you could use Hope or Chris King headset here”. Well, it depends on the price customer can pay. As a bicycle rider myself, I see your very quick development and I love your products!

Here are some hi-resolution photos that you can freely use at your website and other sources.

Photos by: Dmitry Nechaev

Model: Olga Dubovikova

Bike: Triton “Doobie” 29er XC/Touring

Places: Germany and Italy


Triton for Token 8

Triton for Token 6

Triton Bikes August 2013 240 Triton Bikes Eurobike 2013 71 Triton Bikes July 2013 269

Triton Bikes July 2013 283

Triton for Token 5


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