3rd for Foxy @ Melbourne


Photo : www.firstoffthebike.com

Race Report

I arrived at the race site in the morning to hear that Pro’s were going to be a non-wetsuit. I thought perfect this is going to be a cracker of a race. To then find out about 10mins later that it was now going to be wetsuit optional (we all know its not an option).

We got down to the start and it was surprisingly dark and had only brought my tinted Speedo Goggles. Fortunately, the event organisers had placed lights on the major boys making this a lot easier. When the gun went off I had a bit of a slow start but got myself up towards the front and sitting on 3rd places feet. Unfortunately, 3rd placed dropped the feet in front and I was scrambling to try and limit the damage.

As we got near transition I heard a split saying 63secs down. I was furious that we just gave a minute to Fettel, who thrives on that kind of lead and got moving as quickly as possible. I found myself up the road riding in 3rd for a while until Casey caught me. The main group caught us just before the first turn 15km in and It was clear Fettel had broken away from his swim partner Todd Skipworth.

The group was a bit messy and after dropping some bottles at the first aid station and being caught out trying to overtake slower riders on the course, I had to get to the front. Coming to the 45km mark I tried to get on the front and get a bit of a split so I could afford to slow and get more nutrition. I couldn’t get away so I still slowed but waved others around and rejoined the group at the back.

I wasn’t going to hang around back there for too long and worked my way back up to stay out of trouble and have a clear picture of what was happening ahead.

We came into T2 unaware of the gaps. We got a split saying Fettel had 6mins. As we left transition I saw Todd Skipworth not very far ahead. Berkel and Polson took off quickly and I was not going to try my luck after struggling late in the run in my previous two races.

I started out slower and stayed with a second group. Once we got to the hill at Sandringham I decided it was time to pick it up and see how everyone was fairing. I was then left running with Casey for a while with Berkel and Polson still in sight.

Michael Fox

Photo : http://www.supersprint.com.au/

We got to the end of the first lap together and then Casey slowed. We were told 4:30mins to the lead still and at that point I thought I was really just fighting to stay in 4th. As the next lap went on I kept myself moving and tried to extend the gap between 5th and myself.

Coming round to start the final lap I got a split saying 2mins to the lead and at that point I though I had a chance of getting into 3rd. I caught Fettel just after the hill at Sandringham with roughly 3kms to go and from there I was making sure no one could get back past me.

Kudos to the other guys on the podium. They deserved their achievements and were dominant all day (maybe not in the swim, but the rest).

Thanks to my family, friends, coach, sponsors and supporters, I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.


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