Team Ukyo & TOKEN


Beginning in 2014, TOKEN will be supporting Team Ukyo who are one of the top road cycling teams in Japan. Team Ukyo was started by the retired Formula One driver, Ukyo Katayama, and is one of the top teams in Japan scooping 1st place in team and individual rankings in 2013.

TOKEN Support

We will be supporting the team by providing the following kit for their bikes:

  • 8x T28 wheelsets
  • 8x T55 wheelsets
  • 12x C22A wheelsets
  • 6x T590 wheelsets
  • 6x DT58 disc wheels
  • 8x C55 wheelsets
  • along with bottom brackets and many other various products we make. For more information on these products you can check our website at

They sent us some awesome photos to share with everyone, so we’d like to share them with you here.

Cyclo Wired Review on T55

Here’s an article from Cyclo Wired on TOKEN’s T55 wheelsets. Sorry, it’s all in Japanese, but thankfully, Google translator is never far away, so you can get a good idea of what the article is about. Basically, the wheel is awesome!

TOKEN in Japan

If you are looking for more information about TOKEN products in Japan, you can contact our distributor there, Azuma. Here’s the link to their website:

Photos from Team Ukyo



IMG_2076 IMG_2140 DSC_0060 2497795A-5F48-43E0-9EF1-137E4E6F483C Untitled-2


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