Peter Boronkay : World & European Champion Paratriathlete Joins Team TOKEN

Peter Boronkay from Hungary, 2 times World Champion and 4 times European Champion Paratriathlete, joins Team Token this year as we support him on his #RoadtoRio campaign for the 2016 Olympics. Peter was born with a lower arm impairment and from a young age he has always been interested in competitive sports. He started as a swimmer at the age of 6 for health reasons but started to enter competitions soon after. He qualified for the European Championships in 1999 and the World Championships in 2002. After missing the qualification for the Athens Paralympics, he changed his focus and moved into triathlon, where he achieved immediate success. Peter stands by his philosophy of: “There is no secret, only hard work”, “Challenges know no borders” and “Impossible is nothing.”

Peter is riding on our C580A / C22A / V32CB wheelsets which we hope will carry him to plenty more victories in the run up to the Games in 2 years time.

Message from Peter

Recent Victories

Peter also informed us that as the season begins he has competed in the Hungarian elite Paratriathlete taking the bronze medal in the normal age group. He also competed in the Hungarian duathlon championship riding our Token C22 Wheels! He was kind enough to send us these photos from the races.

972902_823962287633753_1362202657_n 10171744_630103190395208_4180409430040929960_n 10268132_823962284300420_488773480_n

Want More Info About Peter? : Check Out His Official Website


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