The Latest From Japan

As many of you are aware, we are supporting 3 top road racing teams in Japan this year. They are:

1. Team Ukyo (

2. Utsunomiya Blitzen (

3. Shonan Bellmare (

Our partner, Azuma Co, have been sending us regular updates on the teams and how they are doing. Today, we’d like to share what Team Ukyo have been up to over the last month. Let’s kick off first with Azuma themselves where Akira Zemba of Azuma placed 7th in the Japan Championships using our DT58 disc wheel.


Akira Zemba of Azuma placed 7th.


Team Ukyo

Team Ukyo are currently ranked 1st place on the team leaderboard!


Team Ukyo at Gunma prefecture which is the Japan Pro tour stage 5.


Mr. Kuboki finished this race in 2nd place.


Team Ukyo’s Bikes


Team Ukyo Riders

TT_ME2 のコピー

Asia time trial championship was held in Kazakhstan, and Kuboki of Team Ukyo participated in the individual time trial race. He finished this race in 9th place.


Japan Pro Tour Stage 6 on June 8 at Tsugaike Kogen.


Jose Toribio won the race and Recardo Garcia finished in 3rd place.


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